7 Habits of Selling

As I was preparing for my session next week, the question on “What are some of the good habits of selling?”

Went through my sales books, reflected on my sales experience, thought of what I had shared with my sales team, the things I had shared with my participants in workshops, seminars, coaching and mentoring sessions… resulted to the enclosed points.

1. Identify 

“It’s prospects that buy; not suspects.”

First important habit to keep the business alive. There will be no sale when we are not able to find prospects. The need to call, find and meet new prospects is a must to keep your business going. It may not be easy to make the initial call, even a very experienced sales professional may get the jitters calling a new prospect.

What is the purpose of you calling the prospect? I believe with the right intention; to help the prospect with a better solution, share great benefits with the prospect, ultimately we are providing good quality solution and service to them. With that in mind, I trust that the positive is definitely more than the negative. Have no fear, just do it… Now.

This is the start of a wonderful journey in selling. If you were to ask successful sales professionals, they will share with you all the rejections they have gotten to be where they are today. At times the prospect may not be ready yet for your solution, just go on to the next prospect. As long as you keep going, you will somehow be successful and what does not kill you, will only make you stronger.

2. Interrelationship

“People want to work with people they like and have an easy rapport with”

I remembered during my days in one of the multi-nationals when having workshops with the sales team… I presented this exercise of getting the team to complete this sentence, “People BUY from people they…” and the common answers will be


Building rapport is the foundation in any solid relationships, it is the start to many more meetings, friendship and partnership.

What are you doing differently to get people to buy?

3. Investigate

“The quality of the outcome depends on the questions”

As a professional sales, it is our duty and responsible to help our customers to achieve their goals.

We need to ensure that the customers that we work with have good careers by partnering with us. The more successful they are, the better our circumstances will be.

And to achieve that, we need to prepare great questions to help our customers get better outcomes in their business. We ask great questions to find out their needs, issues, impact to their business when the issues are not resolved and important information to assist them in their breakthrough to success.

Prepare yourself with great questions to discover and validate your customers.

4. Ideas

“With the right answers, we can get better solutions”

Creativity (Ideas) is the product of asking great questions, when we have fantastic answers that leads to many ideas that can be transformed into better solutions.

Sales professionals help the customers to mitigate the risks (or risk-free as one of my participants shared) of the best solutions to help with their business.

When there is lack of ideas, solution will be tough to seek. Ask more great questions leading to ideas generation.

Innovation comes from ideas with action, hence we get new services and products as the outcome.

How are you being a catalyst to your customers to convert the ideas into solutions?

5. Investment

“The customers will get their interests when they invest in the right solutions with us”

It is our role as professional sales to help our customers to sow the right solutions in order for them to reap great results.

When they have invested in the right solutions with us, they achieve the results they want and in return, we achieve more. It will be a sense of pride when the customers become successful.

There is a need for us to be with the customers in all stages the moment they signed the contract. It is the beginning of a wonderful partnership, we need to assume responsibility and commit to be accountable for our customers.

We need to make them realise that when they invest their time and resource with us, it is the best investment that they have made. Their investment will get better with us throughout their business partnership journey with us.

6. Introduce

“The whole world will know about you when your customers are happy (or not)”

Today, with the power of social media, branding is very important and how we help our customers are a priority. We can be famous for being the best or the worst, all in the power of our customers’ hands.

I would prefer to be the best and in the good books of my customers. When they are happy, they will give referrals. Their other partners will know about us and potential of doing business with us is high and limitless.

Let us work towards in providing the best to our customers, in return, we become the best for them and their partners.

When our trust level with the customers is high and we are consistently helping them to achieve greatness, we can also ask them if there is anyone else that they would like us to help and be successful.

7. Improvement

“The enemy of a great life, is a good life…”

Even when we achieved a certain level of success, we need to continue improving ourselves. Never be complacent and take your customers for granted.

Constantly keep in touch with the customers, get good information, feedback and feed-forward from them.

I like what Malcolm Gladwell stated in his book, “Outliers” that to achieve mastery, we need to put in at least 10,000 hours of perfect practice.

In my humble opinion, even if we have achieve that level of mastery, we need to have the humility to perfect practice continuous and never-ending improvement.

“Change Your Habits, Change Your World!”

There is a LOT of potential in us… put in more ACTION to realise the potential.