2019 at a glance

“Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.” – Benjamin Franklin

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Can you believe it, today is the last day of 2019. I told myself that I have got to complete sharing this blog before the year ends… I believe that everyone has their own achievements, near-misses and misses this year. We will only focus on the achievements as it is better and more positive, agree?

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All right, let’s dive in to what I have achieved in 2019… the sharing is only for learning purposes and also for me to keep records (who knows one day, my children would like to know what their father has achieved in life… haha).

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(1) Started Value Driven Resources S/B (VDR)

  • I have decided to be on my own again after a few years working with a training provider. More focus and doing what I aspire to do more based on my life purpose. Still partnering with the previous company I served and really enjoyed working with the team. Great bunch of people and friends. Like one of my mentors said, “In business, there is no forever enemies, competitors can be your complimentors… why compete when you can complete?”
  • Want to know more about VDR, please visit the website;

(2) New team building and workshop activities

  • Due to clients’ demands and requests… I have managed to design and create new activities. Interesting and some breath of fresh air into my training and facilitation sessions. Looking forward to using and improvising in 2020.

(3) New country – Nepal

  • One of my mentors have helped me to be part of a mission trip that has given me the opportunity to be in a new country. The experience was fantastic, learning their culture, lifestyle and the experience plus exposure… priceless! It’s a good country to visit, especially if you like nature and scenery.

(4) Completed Graduate Certificate studies

  • Taken this extra academic qualification enabled me to have new friends, contacts and widen my network. It also serves as additional credential to support me with my upcoming studies. No harm investing in yourself to upgrade knowledge and skills.

(5) New Coaching Camp

  • Thanks to the client for the request and because of that, I had the opportunity to design, create and run this new coaching camp. The management team and I had a great time in one of the finest retreat location to experience this Coaching Camp. We have leaders from various countries attending this coaching boot camp. Real life experience and best practices sharing. I definitely learned a lot from them. Thank you for the awesome opportunity and learning.

(6) Trainers’ Retreat

  • When I was with my previous company, I proposed to run this retreat or gathering of trainers and friends. After numerous attempts, it did not happen. Then one day, while sitting down with a fellow trainer friend and mentor, this topic came about and we just fixed the date then get some great friends together for this retreat. We have a lovely time, experience sharing and of course, great food plus memories! The retreat was organised in Kampar, Perak. Planning to have another one in 2020.

(7) Recorded Podcast with a friend

  • A good and close friend of mine presented this opportunity to me to record a podcast with him. I am really honoured and glad we did it. I believe we will be having more episodes in the coming future. Please do support us and listen to the podcast (any inputs will be welcomed, as we are consider in our infant stage of recording);

(8) Helped my mentor to setup Power Speaking Dynamics blog site

  • One of my great mentors, Mr. Edwin G. Johnson wanted to leave a legacy to help people with speech and presentation. He shared the idea with me and he gave me the opportunity to help him create a blog site… feel free to read his blogs and sharing;

(9) New providers as partners in business

  • I appreciate great network of friends… they have introduced me to a few new partners and fantastic opportunities. We are going to have good working journey as partners. I believe in long term business and partnerships. Thank you for the wonderful opportunities.

(10) Overseas holiday with wife and kids

  • Thank God for the awesome memories and time together with my wife and kids. We had great time internationally and locally. Time well invested together.

(11) Facebook Page – Lai lim kopi!

  • After my various journey in work / play… good food, new places and especially delicious yummy coffee… the experience has led me to create a Facebook page to share with friends on coffee / tea drinking (though the name of the page is based on coffee… I also drink tea and have friends who like drinking tea). Please visit the page and like… spread to all your friends who like to drink coffee / tea;
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Have a great year 2020 and beyond. Be happy, healthy and create great memories.

 “A goal properly set is halfway reached.” — Zig Ziglar

“Your habits, your future!”

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