Habit of Asking Questions

“Asking questions is the first way to begin change.” – Kubra Sait

Happy New Year 2019!

Today I have been given the opportunity by my mentor, coach and a friend to share with his team on the topic… “Questioning Techniques”.

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The session went well… how do I know? I believe when the participants (almost all of them), came to me at the end of the session and shook my hand… it was a good feeling. I have given my best with the available resources that I have during the session.

Why ask questions? I have shared with the participants, asking questions mean we have to learn how to listen, understand (empathize) and learn about the answers from the people that we are engaging with. Especially when you want to be a better leader / coach.

I did an activity on asking closed questions and from my observations, they looked irritated as they could not get to the bottom of the story. Closed questions can only provide partial discovery and will take a long time to get to the point of full discovery. Hence, it will be better to learn how to ask more open questions to get the overall picture and mixed with closed questions to clarify any uncertainty.

“The art and science of asking questions is the source of all knowledge.” – Thomas Berger

Shared with the participants two good books that I have read on asking questions…

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Are you getting the results you want in business and in life? How about a higher income, improved health, more productive relationships? Could asking questions be the “magic bullet” that enables you to achieve the success you’ve always wanted but may have never believed possible? 
In Just Ask! renowned peak performance expert Bill McGrane III teaches you how to…

Ask the five most effective types of questions.
Move forward by first asking yourself the right questions.
More effectively influence and lead others.
Decrease rejection and increase productivity.
Improve communication personally and professionally.
Dissolve conflict and improve relationships.
Use the Colombo Close…and much more.

Master the art of asking questions and you’ll have developed a powerful tool for creating more successful, mutually beneficial relationships. You’ll build rapport more effectively than ever – bolstering your persuasive power, creating greater success.

Source: https://www.amazon.com/Just-Ask-Bill-McGrane-III-ebook/dp/B00267RU4Y

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Questions are at the core of how we listen, behave, think, and relate–as individuals and organizations. Virtually everything we think and do is generated by questions. Questions push us into new territories. The future begins with our thinking, represented by the questions we ask ourselves.

“”Change Your Questions, Change Your Life”” shows readers how to consistently choose the questions that can lead them to success, both personally and professionally. This technique, called “”QuestionsThinking,”” stimulates innovation, accelerate productivity, and create more rewarding relationships.

“”Change Your Questions, Change Your Life”” is a personal growth fable that tells how a seasoned executive, Ben Knight, uses QuestionThinking to move into a higher leadership role and how the same methods of change help him and his wife, Grace, enrich their marriage.

Source: https://www.amazon.com/Change-Your-Questions-Life-Institute/dp/1576756009

Happy reading!

The participants have a lot of potential yet to be unleashed. I really look forward to them perfect practicing what they have learnt from the short workshop session today.

“Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers.” – Voltaire

There is so much for us to learn, we just need to have the habit of being curious.

“Your habits, your future!”

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