My favourite sayings

Recently I found a booklet that I printed in 2011 and the title I gave the booklet was, “The Journey is the Reward.”

There are articles and collection of writings that I have written/collected over the early years.

This is the first few pages and I will transfer everything from the booklet into this blog site.

Sayings – My favourites

These are the sayings/phrases that kept me positive and having the drive to move forward to finish what I have started.

Live and laugh… laugh and live

Problems are only temporary

Make the decisions and manage them

Respect is earned not yearned (for it)

Practice servant leadership, serve and be served in return

Attitude of gratitude determines your altitude

Perfect practice makes perfect

Teamwork makes the dream work

Together everyone achieves miracles

Vision without action is merely a dream, action without vision is a waste of time

Get yourself ready for the opportunities – they do not come with a BANG… you need to grab them!

Leadership by example and seek to understand the situation

Customers are not always rights, and they need to be treated right

Pay attention to details and the rest will take care of themselves

Life is a reflection, you attract who you are!

Do not complain… take action… get moving and move nearer to your success rather than being idle and waiting for things to happen!

Never despair… just pray!

God has given me more than I need, I am rich…

“Your habits, your future!”