Questions to Ponder Part 2

“A wise man can learn more from a foolish question than a fool can learn from a wise answer.” – Bruce Lee

Hello there! How have you been keeping lately? As we go through this interesting times, I would like to share the second part of the “Questions to Ponder” series.

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Here we go…

1) How are you spending your weekend?

Many of us will be looking forward to the weekend and the question is, how to make the most out of the weekend? Not sure about others, and as for me, I will be doing the activities that I love doing; going to the market (apart from buying groceries, it is a good place to observe all walks of life), have my cup of coffee, breakfast, relax, recharge and rejuvenate. Catch up with my reading, listening to podcasts and attend Sunday service. It is also a good time to plan for the coming week’s focus and priorities… then put that aside… drink some water and relax… slow down and get ready to speed up!

Everyone will have their own way to spend their weekend.

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2) How are you using technology to help you?

The use of technology is a part of our lives now, whether we like it or not. The other day, I experienced a crisis at home… what was the crisis about (apart from the COVID-19 pandemic)? The WIFI router decided to die on me and there was no connection to the internet. My kids and I, PANICKED! I was going to do my project assignment, and my kids, their homework and studies online… I was trying to troubleshoot the issue for half-a-day, I even went out to get a new WIFI router! But it did not work… Felt really helpless and stuck for not having any connectivity to the world. Anyhow, I have to resort to my phone’s data personal hotspot… slower speed but at least connected.

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Anyway, technology can help us in many ways, I use it for the following:

  • Online research for my assignments, projects and content ideas;
  • Online purchases (YAY! Shopping)
  • Order food and beverages
  • Make payments (utilities, bills, loans, transfers, etc.)
  • Virtual learning, workshops and coaching

How about you? What do you use it for?

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3) How do you plan to serve others?

Everyone has their own strengths (let’s not focus on the weaknesses), talents and passion. How will you be using your strengths, talents and passion to help and serve others.

Having to discover my life purpose; “Inspiring and Developing Leaders to reach their highest potential for God”, I have decided to use my strengths, talents and passion to help people (leaders) to discover their potential via learning and development engagements.

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Please do not underestimate yourself, we may think that our strengths are not significant, I am certain that to some people, they will need help in the area that you are good in. Let’s have an open mind and learn how we can serve / help people, so that our world can be a better place.

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4) What good habits do you want to form?

Haha, the meme above may seemed funny… however, the message may have some truth in it. We do not have to focus on cultivating a lot of habits all at one. Just focus on one main (key stone) habit (as per the learning from the book, “The Power of Habit” by Charles Duhigg) and you will be discovering the journey of changing habits (as one behaviour that you change may affect the other areas of your lives).

“And once you understand that habits can change, you have the freedom and the responsibility to remake them.” – Charles Duhigg

Some of the good habits you may be interested in to form:

  • Exercise, run, walk, sweat and move more than being sedentary
  • Plan, strategise, prioritize and take action
  • Read to add value on a daily basis
  • Sleep and have a good night’s rest
  • Eat right and in moderation
  • Be present and focus, not get distracted
  • Be kind, compassionate and practice empathy
  • Express yourself, via journal, blog, have a conversation
  • Invest, spend and do your own financial planning

and many more… let’s start with one first… when you get results, I believe you will be motivated.


5) How do you rejuvenate and restore yourself?

In November 2018, I have shared a blog regarding the same topic… the title of the blog is, “Reboot” and “Refresh” Habits

You may click on the link and enjoy the article.

Should you have anything to add, please do not hesitate to put it in the comment section.

“We must always change, renew, rejuvenate ourselves; otherwise, we harden.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

There you go… the next five -(5) questions to ponder…

Stay Safe, Healthy and Strong!

God bless.

“Your habits, your future!”